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The Ins and Outs of Different Types of Window Screens

Window screens are important for more than aesthetic features; they keep bugs out and allow air circulation. Window screens play an important role in our homes; you can replace them with storm windows in winter. During summer /spring, you can use retractable window screens. Window screens allow air circulation; this helps with heat and eliminates bacteria and odor. Homeowners can also open their windows without bugs getting in. The screen design has a mesh that stops insects from accessing your… Read More »The Ins and Outs of Different Types of Window Screens

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How Often Should I Replace My Window Screens?

Many homeowners love screen windows because they keep annoying pests and bugs out while encouraging air circulation. A high-quality window screen is barely noticeable; however, they can degrade over time for various reasons. Most people are all about home improvement but neglect their window screens until they need replacement. It’s necessary to understand when to replace the screens so they can function correctly. Window screen replacement depends on various factors, such as environmental factors and material. Screens wear out because… Read More »How Often Should I Replace My Window Screens?

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How to Patch a Small Screen Tear

Screen doors are not only stylish, but they add security to your home, increase airflow, and keep pests away. They also provide a clear view of the landscape; however, they can rip easily. Screen doors/windows tear for various reasons, for instance, continuous sharp impacts; pets might scratch the mesh, and kids might push the screen instead of the handle. Screens not only keep bugs and pests away, but they let in a cool blaze, and add class to your front… Read More »How to Patch a Small Screen Tear

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How to Slow Down a Slamming Storm Door

A slamming screen door can be annoying, especially when you have kids or pets and are worried about their safety. You should slow down its speed to make it last longer and for peace of mind. A storm door has a piston closer; it closes the door slowly after opening. When the door is at least 6 inches from closing, the closer’s speed increases so the door can latch firmly. Storm doors are not only crucial during hurricanes, but they… Read More »How to Slow Down a Slamming Storm Door